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and improve your freight business throughout the whole event.

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Our last 3 editions were a success, and the
next one will be even better!

The attendees from our 3rd edition had the chance to connect and exchange business
with 100 forwarders from 37 countries without leaving their office!


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Marco Burri


Congratulations to all of you. At least from my side, it was a success. I enjoyed participating and found the platform very well designed and useful! Congrats


Freight Sense

Just wanted to thank you for an awesome online session this morning. Guilherme you always ask insightful questions and bring the right answers from anyone on the panel

Stephen Segal

Value Logistics

It has been a really interesting and successful day. The technology is good and the organization has been good

Parnity’s main goal is to improve freight
forwarder’s business, and one of the ways to do
that, is through events.

Since 2020, we have been doing online events, and all of them have been a huge success.
So, in the Forwarders online conference of 2022, we offered the freight forwarding
community the possibility to meet online, and exchange business

Watch what happened
in the latest edition

How it works

How it works
  • Timezone

    Each of the attendees will set the availability time on their own timezone.

  • Event Hours

    The event will last 48 hours NON STOP, the attendee decides the time they will be available.

  • System

    Not Zoom or Skype, but a system built only for online events! Attendees will be able to do everything inside the same platform

  • Not only 1on1’s

    The conference will share a lot of content too! Learn about the future of the freight forwarding business and take your company one step ahead!

Last Activities

1on1 Meetings

The attendees will be able to schedule the 1on1 meetings with any other attendee, and the videoconference will be held inside the same system.


Practical content focused on the future of the logistics industry, improvement of processes, how to take your forwarder to the next level.


Invited companies will discuss different themes inside the logistics market. Different views about the same topic makes us think outside of the box!

Networking room

Room for free networking time with any attendee who’s also present in the room. Free networking is the best there is!

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